Real Estate Photography by Michael Kojoori

 Commercial and residential real estate photography, serving the Clark county Las Vegas Nevada region.   

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Who am I?

              Well, I am a photographer which grew up in Southern California and moved out to Nevada, to be closer to family.   On top of having an interest in architectural photography, I spend my free time photographing fine art, landscape and the occasional wedding.  I simply love all aspects of photography, and I'm fully immersed in it.  I have a degree in philosophy and I find that it translates well towards solving conceptual and compositional conundrums, which are prevalent in photography. My formal education helps me to articulate my thoughts on various subjects. I have a growing list of blogs, centered around photography.  I've placed a link HERE for your convenience.  If you would like learn more about me and my other styles of photographic work, Please visit my portfolio website HERE.