Real Estate Photography by Michael Kojoori

 Commercial and residential real estate photography, serving the Clark county Las Vegas Nevada region.   

Why should I use a real estate photographer?

          Real estate photography has a proven track record of increasing viewership of your property.  Don't take our word for it.  Do your homework and you'll see.  However,  we will include a number of sources that acknowledge this benefit.  Furthermore, it should sound like common sense.  We live in an age where most purchase decisions take place over the internet.  This means, that before anyone does a walk-through of your property, they will visually inspect it.  With large volumes of comparable properties on the market,  a slight inconvenience or lack of information is all it takes for your property to be passed up. 

Why shouldn't I photograph my own property?

        It's quite simple.  You wouldn't do your own dental work would you?  Specialization leads to highly competent, skilled work and a refined product. It simply is not practical for an individual that does not practice photography as a profession, to produce the same quality as that of a photographer. A photographer,  specifically, a (real estate) photographer,  specializes in various types of architecture.  This specialist knows how to represent building structures accurately and attractively.  They have spent countless hours learning to light, photograph and correct any imperfections that an image may have.  Furthermore, photography is a combination of technical skill and creativity. Each property poses a unique set of technical and creative challenges that need to be solved.  The photographer's enthusiasm for their craft, is what continually drives them to excel at what they do.  All-in-all, we love photography and it shows!

   Where can I learn more about real estate photography and your process?

I have written comprehensive material, specifically to address these questions.  I hope you find it informative. 

 Photography gear and workflow

Do you offer volume pricing?

     Yes we do, and these discounts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Factors that we consider, are the number and size properties submitted on a monthly basis and the scheduling of shoots.  We are also in the process of developing frequent buyer incentive system for clients.  Stay tuned!

How does billing work? 

        We are very fond of electronic billing methods, such as PayPal. These services provide a convenient means of making transactions that reduce unnecessary transit. This also provides you with an opportunity to proof the photography before purchasing it. If you've done business on Ebay, then you will have a PayPal account.  If you don't already have one, we would be happy to walk you through the process. However, we can and will accept cash and checks.  Checks require five business days to process, before your given possession of the photos.  Please keep this fact in mind when paying for services.

How do you deliver images, once they are purchased?  

      To protect our intellectual property and your privacy, we use an online portfolio website, Called This website can manage client access privileges.  Furthermore, it allows you to proof the photography, prior to payment.  Once payment is confirmed, access to the photography is granted.  Interacting with this website is extremely simple.  But to ensure that you do not have complications, we have provided a PDF step-by-step instruction, below.  

 Zenfolio Downloading Instructions

 Do I need to prepare my property for photography?  

            There are a number of things that we suggest you do, to make your property attractive. As photographers, we naturally would like to photograph your property at its best. However, we realize that there are factors that may prevent your property from being fully prepared. We do our best to schedule in such a way, to give you the opportunity to make such preparations.   As photographers, our primary concern and responsibility is to make photographs.  We, on occasion, may move objects in a property to make the composition more flattering. Furthermore, we may remove minor trash items and do minor cleaning to make the photograph more attractive.  But please be aware, that we do this as a courtesy, not as an obligation.  If we find that a property is extremely cluttered or filthy, to a degree that we find unacceptable, we will inform you (in writing), to prevent potential disputes.  Once we obtain your consent, we will proceed with the photography of property, in its current state.  Below is a basic list of common things to consider when preparing the property. 

  1. Placing personal belonging in closets.
  2. placing kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies away.  
  3. removing unsightly objects out of the photographers view. 
  4. making sure that all light-fixtures are working properly.  This is very important, as lighting plays an important role in making a property attractive.  And burned out bulbs make a visible and obvious bad impression. 
  5. And lastly, prepare the home as though you would have guests. 


What if I am not satisfied with the photos?

       Every property is unique.  Perhaps not from the exterior, but when we furnish our property, we make it our own.  Every unique property, presents its own set of challenges to work around.  As prospective clients, it is a prudent exercise to evaluate the photography we have on our website.  By doing this, you can determine, if the quality and style of our work meets/will meet your expectations.   If you have unique requests, please voice them prior to a shoot.   We exercise our skill, wisdom and aesthetic tastes to create these photos.   In rare circumstances, we may produce photos that do not appeal to our clients.  In the case of such events, we discuss what the client found unattractive and attempt to correct it.  In some cases, a second trip may not be necessary, as we can make the desired edits to the (master quality) photos.   If our second attempt does not succeed in satisfying our client, we only bill for a nominal transit fee, and refund/waive the photography fee.  The refund of this fee is contingent upon relinquishing possession of photographs produced.  (Please don’t be a naughty customer and use photographs that are unpaid for :)

 Is there any third party information about real estate photography?  

      Yes there is!  I've compiled at least four sources four you to examine.   There are numerous sources out there, but you'll need to weed through them to determine their credibility.

 A downloadable PDF  version of this text is available below