Real Estate Photography by Michael Kojoori

 Commercial and residential real estate photography, serving the Clark county Las Vegas Nevada region.   

    I strive to make your property look its best!

8455 Stange Avenue

              As the saying goes, (a picture is worth a thousand words).  It's hard to argue that a good image can attract, and a bad image can repel attention. 

        A property is a three dimensional space.  It has multiple vantage points, and collectively, we receive an impression of what it would be like to occupy it. What resides around the property, is as important as what lies inside it. After all, we buy with the notion that location matters.

           Often, complex spaces interconnect within a property.  Showing this relationship creates an immersive experience for the viewer.

         Highlighting interior features of a property helps the viewer visualize a personalized, occupied space.  

Framing an image to show dramatic elements is essential to special audiences.